REPORT: Mueller Finds Evidence Erik Prince Met In Seychelles To Create Back-Channel To Kremlin

Erik Prince is the brother of Betsy De Vos. Prince was the founder of Blackwater, Dick Cheney’s private vigilante army who slaughtered innocent civilians in Iraq. Blackwater vigilante’s were paid double what our own military was paid. As a result, Prince billed U.S. tax payers out of billions of dollars.blackwater

Erik owns a home in the UAE (the great U.S. patriot that he is). Erik was backstabbing President Trump and claimed he spoke for President Trump to Russian officials trying to dictate foreign policy. 

Prince told the House Intelligence Committee last year that the meeting was unimportant and brief. He also specifically denied previous reporting by the Post that the meeting had been described by U.S., European and Arab officials as an attempt to set up a back-channel line of communication between Moscow and the incoming Trump administration.

Prince proposed private troops for Nigeria, the West African nation used mercenaries.  Prince’s old firm, Blackwater, used to contract with the U.S. to protect convoys and officials, and train foreign armies globally including partnering with the UAE— but caused controversy when its employees killed Iraqi civilians.Erik Prince, the American businessman and defense contractor who founded the controversial Blackwater Worldwide company, which he left in 2010. (Blackwater later changed its name to Xe and then Academi.), Prince met with the president of Nigeria and gave him a business proposal: to deploy foreign “contractors” for hire, the same type of mercenary force Nigeria is now reportedly using.”

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