SHOCKING VIDEO!!! Disturbing Olsen Twins PizzaGate Video.

In the beginning of this video. The Girls walk in with a tray that has Chinese takeout food boxes after it is announced the PIZZA IS HERE. in Stanley Kubrick EYES WIDE SHUT, there is a scene where a very young girl emerges from behind a couch with 2 Chinese men. on the table in the scene is Chinese food and a slice of pizza. interesting this has the same reference. 


Osiris was cut into 14 pieces and a fish ate his penis. That is the 14 and fish reference on his palm. If you do gematria on the number and fish symbol it equals 322 like skulls and bones society.


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We’re dealing with some really sick, twisted, dirty, filthy deviant humans beings this world has ever known!23622358_198797203998484_110721779272098725_n

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Q+++ 2018

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